Rules and Regulation

  1. Hours
    The Park is open from dawn to dusk except for fisherman who may fish during hours of darkness.
  2. Overnight Camping
    Overnight camping is allowed at designated sites by permit.*
  3. Large Groups
    Organized groups may use the Park when authorized by the Halifax Township. Authorization is required for groups of 10 or more persons.*
  4. Fires
    Campfires are permitted in fire rings provided except when weather conditions create a fire hazard. Fires should be extinguished before leaving the Park.
  5. Refuse
    Park users shall not leave any refuse and shall deposit trash in receptacles provided or preferably take it home with them.
  6. Parking
    Overnight parking is not allowed except for permitted campers and fisherman.
  7. Motor Vehicles
    Operation of motor vehicles is prohibited except when authorized. The speed limit within the Park is 10 mph.
  8. Pets
    Dogs are permitted but must be leashed. Clean up after your pet.
  9. Alcohol
    The use, sale or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  10. Wildlife
    The Park is a safe haven for all forms of wildlife. The use of snares, traps, poisons, or the disturbance of wildlife is forbidden.
  11. Natural Resources
    The use of metal detectors on Park land is not permitted. It is unlawful to remove any artifact, excavate, or cause any gound disturbance.
  12. * Permits and camping regulations are available at the Halifax PA Township Office, 102 Fisher Street, Halifax PA 17032, telephone 717-896-3035. The Township office is located about 1/2 mile south of the Park entrance, on the west side of Route 147.

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