Fort Halifax Park
570 N. River Road, SR 147
Halifax, Pa 17032

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Trail Maintenance, Park Mowing, Building Repairs, Park Improvements –
Fort Halifax is among a unique group of forts (Hunter and Augusta) that were built along the scenic Susquehanna River. Each site provides opportunities for historical reflection. Fort Halifax Park is sandwiched between the Susquehanna River and pristine areas of Armstrong Creek. These scenic areas are irreplaceable environments for nature and a variety of wildlife. Maintaining Fort Halifax Park is key to preserving this historic and natural area! “Work Party” sessions are scheduled periodically. You can volunteer to help!


Brick House Porch Roof

Trail Maintenance

Granary Side Wall and Door Repairs

Fort Halifax Archeology Digs –
In keeping with the “Friends” Mission and assisting Halifax Township, Fort Halifax Park is the site of an ongoing archeological dig to find the original site of Fort Halifax. As we fulfill our educational and historical mission to locate the Fort, we will update this area with pictures and information regarding the progress of this exciting and optimistic endeavor.

Spear Head 10/28/17

Current Dig Area

Dig News: Check this page periodically for updates on Dig information, finds, and scheduled dates for excavation of the area.

Dig Schedule: Most recent digs were October 21 and 28, 2017


Colonial Herb Gardens, Entrance Gardens, Picnic Areas (tables and grills), Trails, and Buildings –
Fort Halifax Park has entrance and Colonial period gardens that need regular tending and restoration, as do trails and picnic areas. Would you or someone you know be interested in assisting us with maintaining, cultivating, improving, and enhancing these natural areas? We are working on many new and exciting projects, big and small for the Park to take place in 2018 and 2019. Contact us and volunteer to be a part of all the exciting plans!

Colonial Herb Gardens



Granary building – side door and step down

Our newest additions to the Park:
Wood Duck Boxes - We would like to welcome Dauphin County 4H Great Outdoors Club as the newest addition to Fort Halifax Park. Club Leader Scott Theurer and member volunteers made (through donations) and installed 12 Wood Duck Boxes to various areas of the Park in hopes of attracting these beautiful birds to nest. We are looking forward to having successful Wood Duck fledglings and having a part in protecting this beautiful North American species. This group will maintain the boxes and report findings to Cornell Lab in New York. (March 2019)

Picnic Tables - A few months ago Tim Schmitt approached FoFHP requesting permission to do his Eagle Scout Project at the Park. After discussing ideas FoFHP and Halifax Twp Supervisors approved his project of new picnic tables. On a cold day and at a still snow covered park in February Tim and helpers built 6 new picnic tables! These new tables are very needed at the park since a lot of the current tables were old, warped, and falling apart. Thank you to Tim and everyone who helped and donated! (February 2019)

Snake Rail Fence - A few months ago Tanner Schmitt approached FoFHP requesting permission to do his Eagle Scout Project at the Park. After discussing ideas FoFHP and Halifax Township Supervisors approved his project of a colonial-style Snake Rail Fence. In January 2019 Tanner and helpers made his project happen! This new fence not only enhances the Park but it is also an important safety barrier for Park visitors especially all the children who visit during the Colonial Festival. (January 2019)

New Entrance Welcome Signs – Friends of Fort Halifax Park, Inc. recently installed two new entrance signs at both Fort Halifax Park entrances on both sides of Rt. 147. They are a very welcoming addition to the park. Some incredibly talented "Friends" members created these signs! (Oct 2018)

Electrical Upgrades – Underground Electricity has been installed at Fort Halifax Park! Recently the Halifax Township Board of Supervisors approved a request from the Friends of Fort Halifax Park, Inc., to install electricity to the Milk House, Granary, and Corn Crib. FoFHP purchased all the necessary supplies. Halifax Township crew members dug and filled in the trenches. Installation work was completed by electrician and FoFHP member, Jim Reynolds. Jim volunteered his time with the help of a few additional members! In addition overhead lines and poles have been removed to enhance the natural beauty of the Park! (June 2018)

Granary Improvements – Recently our Granary has gone through some improvements. The side double doors were remade and installed by two of our FoFHP members, Bob Keefer and Joe Vitolo. It was cleaned out and cleaned up before the Colonial Festival by members making a perfect area for one of the Living History demonstrators during the Festival. We are hoping to paint the building and install gutters soon too! (May 2018)

Bluebird Trail – Kelly Peck and husband, Bill Strauss of the Bluebird Society, and eagle scouts installed almost a dozen bluebird nesting boxes around and near Park trails. Kelly maintains the boxes in conjunction with the Bluebird Society. Each week Kelly checks the boxes, marks eggs, and logs bluebird comings and goings! To learn more about bluebirds and conservation efforts visit Thank you, Kelly and helpers!

New Sycamore Trees – Four new Sycamore trees have a home at Fort Halifax Park. The new trees replace others that have died. The Sycamore trees are an important part of history along Route 147 in Halifax. For more information visit